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Here we'll honor folks who contributed to Luci's Toyshop -- both in front of, and behind, the camera . . .

In the mid-1960s, the credits roll...

Cast and crew -- producers, directors, set-designers, puppeteers, musicians, artists, composers, engineers, camera-operators, announcers, writers, etc., etc., etc. -- Whew!! 
We'll pay tribute to those folks here.  It's a growing list, and some have links -- check them out below:

The Credits Roll . . .
John Haldi -- Producer
Walter Knick -- Composer and organist
Dick Minger -- Director
Ron Giles -- Director
Lester Nafzger -- Chief Engineer
Tim Cook -- Broadcast Engineer
Tom Gleba -- as Santa Claus
And . . .
Charles White -- Co-Writer, Producer, and Puppeteer
Starring . . .
Lucille Gasaway VanLeeuwen -- as Luci (host, co-writer, puppeteer, and puppet-maker)

Illustration by Dave Wagstaff

We plan to add to our list of credits, as we receive more information.
If you can provide verifiable information to add to our Credits page, please email us at:

Now, let's all wave good-bye!

The Unofficial Luci's Toyshop Homepage