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Links to lots of interesting stuff . . .

Luci "links" the old-fashioned way -- by hitting the GONG!!

Below you'll find links to websites related to Luci's Toyshop, other local television shows in Ohio, CBS children's programming, and sites related to classic television . . .


This links to an active Luci's Toyshop Yahoo Group.  Take a look. . .

Captain Kangaroo

Captain Kangaroo

WXIX, WCPO, and WCET -- Cincinnati
Remember Debbie, from Captain Kangaroo?  This links to a website dedicated to Debbie's life and career. 

Museum of Broadcast Communications (Chicago)

WBNS 10tv Family-Fund

Local Kid's TV

Ohio University PERSPECTIVES
University of Maryland Library of Broadcasting
Former WBNS-TV Broadcast Engineer -- personal website
WCPO -- Cincinnati

The Columbus Dispatch

The original, sung by Robert Preston.  An edited version of this song was used on Luci's Toyshop and became a fan favorite.
Recreated by the late Steve Korte
King of the Clowns, WBNS-TV -- Columbus

The Enchanted World of Rankin-Bass

Official Rankin-Bass historian, Rick Goldschmidt, blogs here . . .
Featuring videos of childrens' TV. For instance, try searching for Captain Kangaroo or Flippo!

Museum of Television and Radio (New York and Los Angles)

This link simply takes you back to our opening page.  We've been told this will help search engines find our site.  Who knows? 
An alternate spelling -- simply takes you back to our opening page.  We've been told this will help search engines find our site.  We'll see. . .

Fans, if you notice any dead or out-dated links on this page, please let us know. Our email is   

Dragon illustration by Dave Wagstaff

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