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Luci's Toyshop was brought to you by . . .

Stanley Mouse illustration by Dave Wagstaff

Let's recall some of the classic sponsors of Luci's Toyshop on Channel 10. 
Like all local TV hosts back then, Luci often did her own commercials within the context of the show.  Although today, that type of advertising would be frowned upon -- or perhaps even be illegal -- it certainly was effective!  That's probably why we remember the sponsors so well, all these years later.

Buckeye Potato Chips

Buckeye Potato Chips packaging, 1966

"Buckeye Potato Chips,
Buckeye Potato Chips,
Get 'em at your grocer today!!!"

Wendy's Old-Fashioned Hamburgers

Wendy's logo

Wendy's founder, Dave Thomas, first worked for KFC's Colonel Sanders -- and later, moved-on to the Columbus-area BBF hamburger chain. 
Eventually, Dave found his own success at Wendy's -- which sponsored the later years of Luci's Toyshop.

Luci's Little-Shops

Luci doll illustration, circa 1968

Luci's Little-Shops sponsored Luci's Toyshop during the final few years of the show's broadcast.  These stores sold primarily, toy versions of the puppet and doll characters that appeared on the TV show.
Our 21st century sensibilities probably make it difficult to accept that Luci Gasaway starred on the show, owned the puppet-making company, and also owned these shops which sold the products. 
Profit, profit, profit . . .
Modern-day standards make all that seem extremely and overtly commercial -- unacceptable for today's children's TV.  However, starting in television's earliest days, and up until the 1970s, local kid's TV was always overtly commercial, and expected to make a huge profit.  Additionally, everything must be put into its context -- so, in the context of the late 1960s, all this was considered acceptable, and not particularly unusual for a local kid's TV franchise.
Learn more by clicking here, Luci's Little-Shops.

BBF  --  Burger-Boy Food-a-Rama

BBF advertising art, mid-1960s

"Everybody's goin' to the BBF,
Takin' their appetites,
Now, everybody's goin' to the BBF,
At the whirling satellite,
So, if you've tried the rest,
And now you want the very best.
Just go, go, go to the BBF,
That's Burger-Boy Food-a-Rama,
Now, everybody's goin' to the BBF --

Lazarus Department Store

Lazarus - downtown Columbus, Ohio - circa 1967

Columbus department store, Lazarus, was a long-time sponsor of Luci's Toyshop -- especially each year, during the Christmas season. 
Does anyone remember Santa's toy machine, and the toys it produced?  All those Santa segments were sponsored by Lazarus' toy department.
The downtown Columbus Lazarus store closed in 2004, and all remaining Lazarus stores throughout the region, have been re-named, Macy's. 
Although long-known as a New York City shopping destination, Macy's world-headquarters (Federated Department Stores) is actually located in Cincinnati, Ohio -- just one hundred miles south of Columbus.

Do you remember additional sponsors of Luci's Toyshop?  Please let us know, and we'll add them to this page.  Can you recall sponsor jingles or slogans used by Luci during the ads?  Again, please share them with us!

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