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Luci's Little-Shops sold Lucis Toyshop merchandise throughout the Columbus area . . .

Luci with one of the dolls available at Luci's Little-Shops

Although Luci's Little-Shops were advertised daily for several years on Luci's Toyshop, there is very little information about the shops available today.  Even fan-memories of these stores have faded. 
We have learned that begining in the late 1960s -- and up-until the cancellation of Luci's Toyshop in 1972 -- there were several retail stores in the Columbus area, called Luci's Little-Shops.  These shops sold primarily items manufactured by Sheram Puppets -- Luci's own company which made puppets and toys -- several of which were based upon the Luci's Toyshop characters. 
In smaller communities surrounding the Columbus market (Chillicothe and Newark, Ohio -- for instance), Luci's Little-Shop items were often available in Hallmark card stores or other mom-and-pop gift stores.
We'd enjoy hearing more fan memories of Luci's Little-Shops.  And, if you happen to have specific information or photos of Luci's Little-Shop locations -- please email us at

An example of Sheram Puppets packaging as sold in Luci's Little-Shops

Fan contribution . . .
"I remember the location of one of the Luci's Little-Shops.  It was in the Columbus neighborhood called German Village, and I remember walking there with my Grandfather.  Later, I rode my bike to the shop a few times.  I loved the place, and on one of my visits, I got to meet Luci herself!"
--  Kim Newton

Along with puppets, Luci's Little-Shops also sold a selection of dolls made by Sheram Puppets, Inc.

Luci Doll ; photo courtesy of Luci collector, Mona

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