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Ron Giles

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Director . . .

A colleague remembers . . .
"The Luci Show had several directors during my years working on it, but the most memorable was Ron Giles, who often wore a child's fire hat while directing it.  Ron was one of those directors who was very calm, even when the crew didn't get the shot as fast as he wanted.  He made it very relaxing for everyone."

-- Tim Cook, former Broadcast Engineer, WBNS-TV

Additional information . . .

“Giles, 57, has been producing and directing television for over 30 years, and has become one of the foremost experts in the "art" of using television as a vehicle to conduct commerce. In the late '70s and early '80s, he was a pioneer in Interactive Television, participating in Warner's QUBE experiments, out of which ultimately came consumer products like Nickelodeon, as well as pay-per-view programming, and electronic games for television - all ordered from home using the television. Then in the mid '80s, Giles was responsible for creating the television face of QVC Network, and his format and techniques subsequently became the standards for televised shopping. Over the years, Giles has applied his standards around the world, both for QVC and as a consultant for other televised shopping concerns in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Korea, China and Germany.”

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