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Charles White

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Puppeteer, writer, producer . . .

Chuck White in 1995

Chuck White began his long television career in 1957 at WBNS-TV, and it is reported that he was the first African American television broadcaster in Ohio.  Over the years, White wore many hats at WBNS – reporter, news anchor, talk-show host, film editor, music/variety show host,  and documentary producer.  Luci’s Toyshop fans will best remember White for his work on their favorite local kid's show.  For Luci’s entire run (1960 through 1972), White worked as puppeteer, writer, and producer.


White provided the voices and various personalities for most of the puppets on Luci’s Toyshop.  From the irritable Dragon, to the soft-spoken Lamb; from the goofy Walrus, to the never-quite-awake Mr. Tree – White’s talent as a puppeteer made the puppet personalities on Luci’s Toyshop among the most memorable and unique in the history of American children’s TV. 


When Luci’s Toyshop ended, White assumed the position of WBNS-TV Public-Affairs Director, which he held until his retirement in 2006.  He is also well known for his humanitarian efforts -- he was the founder of the WBNS-10tv Family Fund, and served as the executive producer of the Children's Miracle Network Telethon on WBNS for twenty-five years. 


White is the winner of three Emmy awards for outstanding achievement in television, and was honored with the Silver Circle Award from the National Television Academy in 2004.   Additionally, he is well known as a pop, jazz, and folk vocalist both regionally and nationally, and was entered into the Columbus Senior Musicians Hall of Fame in 2004.  In 2007, he was recognized as Great Communicator of the Year, by the Columbus Speech and Hearing Center. 


Back in 1995, White starred (along with Luci) in The Crystal Palace Tribute to Luci's Toyshop -- re-creating nearly all of his puppet characterizations from the original Luci's Toyshop.

In 2004, Chuck White was honored with the National Television Academy's Silver Circle Award.

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