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This is the kid's show that replaced Luci's Toyshop . . .

Friendly Junction's Mrs. Rattlebee played by Leslie Podkin

When Luci's Toyshop left television in 1972, apparently WBNS-TV wasn't finished with locally produced children's television -- because Luci was immediately replaced with a new local kid's show called, Friendly Junction.

Characters/Cast (check-out their links below):
Mrs. Rattlebee -- Leslie Podkin
Ron the Mailman -- Ron Steelman

Fan contribution . . .
"I don't remember a lot about Friendly Junction, because by then, I was nearing junior-high.  But at some point I did notice that Luci's Toyshop was gone and Friendly Junction was in its place.
Seems to me, Friendly Junction was sort-of a cross between Luci's Toyshop and Petticoat Junction (the old CBS primetime show).  I believe, it took place in a general store / post office near a railroad depot. The show's two stars (one female and one male) ran the store, and like Luci, interacted with puppet characters.
Although I only watched the new show a handful of times, I'd say Friendly Junction was a lot like Luci's Toyshop, but without Luci and without all of Luci's puppets.  Friendly Junction seemed like the type of show Luci's Toyshop fans would have enjoyed.  But by then, I was too old to watch it much.  I had moved-on to Dark Shadows, The Archies, Another World, and Land of the Lost.  
I wasn't watching at the time of Luci's cancellation, but I've been told there was some sort of cross-pollination between Luci's show and the new Friendly Junction; either they visited Luci, or Luci visited them, or some of the puppets crossed-over.   I'm not sure."
-- Louise M. Barrett

"Have a Nice Day," recorded by Leslie Podkin. Believed to be the theme song from Friendly Junction

Another fan contributes . . .


Friendly Junction fan, Matt (from Kentucky), shared a photo of his “Have a Nice Day” 45 rpm record, along with the following memories . . .


“I looked up Friendly Junction on Yahoo and came across your piece about that show.  I lived in Columbus in the early 70s and I ended up with a 45 rpm of that show.  I still have it to this day . . . One side has "Have a Nice Day" and the flip-side is "The Numbers Song".  From 1972-73.  Music was by Window Pane.  Sung by Leslie Podkin.


. . . Actually I don't remember much of the show at all.  I don't remember even how long it lasted or any of the details of it . . .  when I watched the show, I was 4 years old.  I am 39 now.  I do remember my mom taking me to some kind of autograph session for Friendly Junction at either a mall or department store somewhere in Columbus.  I think it was an autographed picture or something like that.


. . . I do remember the lyrics . . . if that will help . . .here are the lyrics to "Have A Nice Day:" "


"Today's a nice day to something nice for somebody,

It makes you feel good from your head down to your toes,

Happiness you know, is something you can share,

So give a grin to someone near and show him that you care,

Today's a nice day to lend a helping hand to somebody,

To start the right way put a smile upon your face,

To make your day worthwhile, just start each morning with a great big smile,

have a nice day. Have a nice day . . .

 - - - musical interlude - - -

Haaaave a smile at everybody 'cause it doesn't cost a dime,

We'd sing another chorus but we haven't got the TIME,

Have a nice day!"


Comments from another fan . . .

"My children watched Friendly Junction and really enjoyed it. I
don't remember much about it except for the songs that Leslie
sang for almost every show. We even bought a record (a 45!)so
the kids could sing along and do the motions. One song is "Have
a Nice Day", which I believe was her theme song. My kids also
loved the "Numbers Song" which had motions to go with each number
up to ten. I'm a teacher and have been hoping to find a
recording of those two songs to use in my classroom. The record
is so scratched it's unusable. Any help would be appreciated


-- Heather Schmidt






We're looking for additional material on Friendly Junction, and we have lots of questions: 
  • Was Friendly Junction a 30-minute, or a 60-minute show?
  • Was there a studio audience of kids?
  • Did Luci's puppets (Dragon, Wonder Witch, Stanley Mouse, etc.) appear regularly on the show?
  • Did Friendly Junction have its own group of puppet characters, unique from those on Luci's Toyshop?
  • How long did Friendly Junction last on WBNS-TV, before its cancellation?
If you remember Friendly Junction, and have information on the show's stars and characters, photos, or other verifiable information, please email us.

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