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Leslie Podkin

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Co-Star of Friendly Junction -- as Mrs. Rattlebee . . .

In addition to staring in Friendly Junction, Leslie Podkin has enjoyed a lengthy and diverse career in the entertainment industry.  According to various sources, Ms. Podkin has been involved in the following projects through the years:


 ALF (television series) – Assistant to the producer, 1988-90

                                        -- Writer, 1990


A Very Retail Christmas (television special) – Co-producer, 1990


Project ALF (television special) – Technical advisor, 1996


Spacecats (television series) – Producer, 1991


Various television cartoons – Voice artist, 1990s


You Won’t Need No Money (musical recording, Kool Records) – Vocalist, 1960s


He’s Only Happy When He’s Singin’ His Song (musical recording, Atlantic Records) – Vocalist and song-writer, 1974

"You Won't Need No Money"

"He's Only Happy When He's Singin' His Song"

Ms. Podkin’s 45 r.p.m. records (above) are currently very popular among record collectors in England.  And, these 45s tend to attract high bids on Ebay.

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