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Around 1989, WOSU-AM coaxed Luci out of retirement . . .

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Very little information is available about this 1989 Luci's Toyshop reunion, produced by WOSU-AM radio in Columbus.
Chuck White did mention the reunion in a February 2008 radio interview with Scott Spears of WMRN-AM in Marion, Ohio. In the interview, White shared that the reunion was hosted by WOSU personality, Tom Weible.  And that Weible had recreated the Toyshop set, even though the reunion was a radio broadcast.  Invited into the studio audience were grown-up fans of Luci's Toyshop, many of whom were parents themselves, by 1989.
Still, lots of questions remain about this 1989 reunion.  Do any tapes of the reunion exist?  Any photos?  Did any of the puppet characters appear?
Obviously, we don't know much -- so we're seeking additional information on this WOSU-AM reunion.  If you have memories, photos, press-releases, or any other material to add to this page, please contact us at

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